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Brandon Kraemer
Excellent Care Melissa is a very contentious therapist who listens and intuits in order to provide the best care possible. Melissa has a great command of the muscular-skeletal and nerve systems allowing for targeted and holistic approaches to specific needs and general wellness.
Post Liposuction & bbl surgery I would never get an massage anywhere else. She has helped tremendously with my recovery, and listens to the issues that I am having at the time and helps relieve it. Melissa is very sweet, and very proffesional. She is skilled and serious about what she does!
Cher McGinn
So helpful after all my cancer surgeries and treatments. I started seeing Melissa after my breast cancer treatments and surgeries. She actually made my spine that is severely injured even relax for a few days. Plus with all of the different techniques that she knows how to do you can truly get a unique and special massage every time you see her. I really need to make another appointment made so she can try to get my legs and back to relax and not tingle as much as they are now.
Consumate Professional Melissa Salchli, owner of Motion Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, has developed a fantastic program geared to the specific needs of each individual. Every time I've visited Melissa, she brings a new technique to table with astounding results. The studio is relaxing and easy to get to with plenty of parking. When I'm done, I feel refreshed and centered. I highly recommend the 90 minute appointment!